By Julian Clarkstone


The Canada Ravens are proud to announce Thrive Training Co. as the team’s major sponsor ahead of the 2018 Rugby League Commonwealth Championships.


The partnership with Thrive Training Co. has provided a boost to the Ravens before they head to Australia once again after 2017’s successful Rugby League World Cup campaign.


Thrive Training Co. is based in Surrey, British Columbia, and much like the Ravens they are a young organisation that aims to help individuals to reach their fitness and athletic goals.


With a focus on cutting edge technology and training, Thrive Training Co. sees the need for athletes and people of all abilities to train the right way, in an effective, results oriented and timely manner.


Ravi Gill of Thrive Training Co. believes the Ravens partnership is an ideal fit for them, saying “It is important for us to partner up with a young team like the Ravens because we want to see the young athletes on this team being given every opportunity to reach their potential and have ultimate success.”


“Through this partnership — that we hope will be for years to come — we believe that we can support each other and help the players and the team reach their goals and we also believe that together we can be great ambassadors and role models for the community overall.”


Ravens Head Coach, Mike Castle, is looking forward to forming a strong partnership with Thrive Training Co., and knows just how much their support will impact the team ahead of the nine-a-side tournament.


“This partnership will help us add a few features to our training camp to best prepare the team, which will be fantastic as the players already have such a willingness to learn.”


“I hope that this is a partnership that the Ravens and Thrive Training Co. can build on into the future in order to continue to support anyone who is looking to get active or fulfil their athletic goals,” Castle stated.


The Ravens will head into Brisbane in just over a week’s time, before the tournament takes place in Moreton Bay on 23 and 24 February.


You can visit Thrive Training Co. on their website: