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Ontario Rugby League

Rugby League was organized in Ontario in 2010. Predominantly run by Canada Rugby League from the outset, Ontario Rugby League established in 2016 to govern the game to the specific needs of its Ontario members. The Ontario Rugby League consists of 4 club teams (3x men), (1x women) and juniors – being established in 2024. We are proud to host Canada Wolverines and Ravens international matches at Toronto’s Lamport Stadium, and it is a source of satisfaction to be the home to the professional sports team, the Toronto Wolfpack.


To promote, and provide, rugby league playing opportunities to athletes of all abilities, both recreationally and competitively, and support their pursuits of excellence. To deliver the best possible environment for our members, so as they can reach their maximum potential with our support.


To deliver to all those that come into contact with this great game, Excellence, Innovation, Fun, Respect, Teamwork – and a culture that inspires, educates and develops.


Our goal is to ensure the continuance in our domestic clubs which maximizes the participation and retention of all involved and provides an environment that upholds Ontario Rugby League’s principles of Excellence, Innovation, Fun, Respect and Teamwork.

On Field

  • Elite-level playing opportunities
  • Development of juniors
  • Youth opportunities with overseas professional clubs
  • Player travel opportunities
  • Hosting international games and exhibition tournaments
  • Playing opportunities men, women and junior

Off Field

  • Demonstrating enthusiasm for all forms of rugby
  • Developing mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Nurturing relationships with key partners
  • Rugby community involvement
  • Development of coaches and officials
  • Increasing on field and off field membership number


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Ontario Rugby League


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