Did you know SKINX antibacterial Sports Gel has landed in Canada?

SKINX is an antibacterial sports gel used by professional athletes,
teams and sporting individuals. SKINX protects and supports the skin across Training, Gameplay, and Recovery.

SKINX is active against bacteria which can cause skin problems.
Susceptibility to skin issues are heightened within incubated team
training environments, resulting in athlete down-time and poor health.
SKINX is an affective preventative skin product.

SKINX controls; skin bacteria, skin irritation, heat & sweat irritation,
acne & bacne type flare-ups, acne-mechanica, friction/pressure
irritation, strapping and taping irritation, training and gameplay

Apply SKINX routinely before and after Gameplay and through Recovery.

SKINX is non-greasy and non-oily and glides onto skin with ease.

SKINX has a proven track record and is used by Rugby League athletes worldwide.

Start looking after yourself and purchase Skinx today!

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