Date: July 2, 2023

Venue: St. Albert RFC, St Albert, AB, CAN

The roaring crowd gathered at the St. Albert RFC on July 2, 2023, was treated to a thrilling final showdown as the Ontario Ospreys clashed with the Alberta Broncos. With a final score of 22-10, the Ontario Ospreys claim their title as the 2023 Canadian National Champions.

Ontario’s early efforts were rewarded with a quick try by their dynamic fullback, Woods, who snuck through after a pass from Siciliano. The Broncos tried valiantly to break through the Ospreys’ defensive line, but the Ontario side remained strong, forcing errors and turnovers. It wasn’t long before Ontario extended their lead, and at half-time the Broncos trailed 0-18 to the Ospreys.

The Alberta Broncos emerged from the halftime break with renewed determination. Their efforts paid off as Mann found a gap in the Ospreys’ defense and scored a try, putting Alberta on the scoreboard. Hassanali converted the try, reducing the deficit to 18-6.

Both teams continued to battle fiercely in the second half, with the Broncos showing improved defense and ball control. Menin further bolstered the Alberta Broncos’ hopes, scoring another try, and Hassanali’s conversion brought them within touching distance at 18-10.

As the game neared its conclusion, the Ontario Ospreys maintained their composure and control. The Broncos pressed for a comeback, but the Ospreys’ defense held firm. Naismith sealed the victory for Ontario with a late try, bringing the final score to 22-10 in favor of the Ospreys.

Extra praise goes out to the players of the match, Petra Woods for the Ospreys and Sarah Maguire for the Broncos. 

The match was a captivating end to the Canadian National Championship tournament. The Ontario Ospreys certainly showcased the work they have been putting in this year under their coach Matthew Barron. The Alberta Broncos demonstrated strength in teamwork as they put the Ospreys on the back foot mid-match. A well-deserved Canadian National Champions title for the Ontario Ospreys, who continue to make their presence felt in the rugby league world.

Game Sheet:

Game Sheet_ ON vs AB - Sheet1