The Canada Rugby League Association (CRLA) is proud to introduce its new Board and would like to stress from the outset that the board, by the very nature of its makeup, is a true reflection of Rugby League in Canada both in terms of geographic representation and the diversity of its newly elected board members.

Paul O’Keefe will become the new President and a number of new members have joined the Board. These new members are Paul Buchanan (Vice President), Lawrence Ross (Treasurer), Andy Blackburn (Secretary), and Stu McReynolds (5th Member). The new Board will begin its two year term immediately.

This follows on from the CRLA’s recent adoption of a new constitution in September that was developed in an inclusive process with all members and the assistance of Danny Kazandjian General Manager of The Rugby League European Federation.

The CRLA is now comprised of two Full Members in the British Columbia Rugby League (BCRL) and Ontario Rugby League (ORL) with the domestic clubs under each of the provincial organizations considered Affiliate Members. A further Affiliate Membership is held by the Eric Perez and Cory Tukeli led UK Kingstone Press League 1 team bid group.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked on the CRLA Board and their hard work progressing Rugby League to where it is now in Canada. We look forward to working together for a smooth transition and to continue the growth of our great game across Canada.” stated incoming President, Paul O’Keefe.

“We are fortunate to have business focused people on the new board who all share my passion for Rugby League. We all understand the importance of junior development which is a high priority for the new board. I am excited to start working with them and sharing our ideas on how we can take Rugby League to a new level in Canada.

“Thanks again everyone and let’s support the Canada Wolverines in creating history in December and being the first ever Canada team to make the Rugby League World Cup!”

Outgoing Secretary Henry Miers stated, “On behalf of President, Cory Tukeli and the outgoing CRLA board, I would like to congratulate the new CRLA board for 2015/16 and wish them success with the coming year.”