By Julian Clarkstone

After initially putting together an extended squad of 32, the Canada Ravens have now announced their final squad of 24 to travel to Australia for the Rugby League World Cup in November.

Choosing the final squad was a difficult process and was only made more challenging after the Ravens produced two strong performances against Australian side, the Corrimal Cougars, last weekend.

Head Coach, Mike Castle, admitted the decision was an arduous one, but can now look forward to the Ravens first World Cup match on November 16against New Zealand.

“I get the feeling that this is the start of something very special!”

“The squad of 32 all made our job extremely difficult in selecting this team which is testament to their enthusiasm, and performances over the entire weekend against the Corrimal Cougars,” Castle said.
The Canada Ravens inaugural Rugby League World Cup squad will consist of:

Maira Acevedo (British Columbia)Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor
Gillian Boag (British Columbia)
Nina Bui (Ontario)
Andrea Burk (British Columbia)
Christina Burnham (British Columbia)
Mackenzie Fane (Ontario)
Kathleen Grudzinski (Grudzinski)
Janai Haupapa (Alberta)
Michelle Helmeczi (Alberta)
Natalie King (British Columbia)
Kelcey Leavitt (Alberta)
Mandy Marchak (British Columbia)
Sabrina McDaid (Ontario)
Wealtha Jade Menin Naglis (Alberta)
Fedelia Omoghan (Ontario)
Megan Pakulis (Ontario)
Irene Patrinos (Ontario)
Stevi Schnoor (British Columbia)
Natasha Smith (British Columbia)
Elizabeth Steele (Alberta)
Natalie Tam (Ontario)
Tiera Thomas-Reynolds (Ontario)
Barbara Waddell (Forrestville Ferrets)
Petra Woods (Ontario)
The Ravens will travel to Australia prior to the World Cup to acclimatise and prepare, with a trial match against the Queensland NGA Hau e Wha Maori side on November 10 in Southport, Queensland.


Congratulations from Canada Rugby League to all the Ravens that will be participating in the World Cup, it is an enormous step for Rugby League in Canada!