After having hundreds of athletes showcase their talents in an intense five city open tryout tour that saw the team in Toronto, Philadelphia, Tampa, Kingston (Jamaica) and Vancouver the Wolfpack has selected 18 finalists to join the team in their very first training camp in the UK for the final leg of the tryouts in order to see if they can earn a spot on the team.

The search for North American and Caribbean talent brought together former high school, collegiate, and semi-pro & professional American gridiron players, along with some amazing rugby talent from the region.The tour was produced in conjunction with Last Tackle, a docu-series covering the inception of the Toronto Wolfpack, that will see the 18 finalists competing for a coveted spot on the inaugural 2017 roster.

The players selected from the tryout tour include:

Name Age Hometown
Monte Gaddis 24 Cleveland, Ohio
Casey Clark 26 Missoula, Montana
Corey Knox 27 Buffalo, New York
Emil Boggren 21 Toronto, Ontario
Tyronie Rowe 28 Kingston, Jamaica
Joe Eichner 25 Geneva, Florida
Terrance Williams 23 Atlanta, Georgia
Nathan Campbell 26 St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
Quinn Ngawati 17 Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Matt Walsh 30 Sydney, Australia/White Plains, New York
Chad Bain 24 Belleville, Ontario
Antonio Baker 29 Kingston, Jamaica
Sterling Wynn 22 Sanford, Florida
Marcus Satavu 28 Sigatoka, Fiji/Sunnyvale, California
Andrew Zulauga 23 Tampa, Florida
Ty Elkins 32 Newberry, South Carolina
David Coleman 25 Columbus, Ohio
Kenneth Walker 27 Kingston, Jamaica