The Canada Rugby League Association (CRLA) is made up of hardworking individuals, dedicated to building the game of Rugby League in Canada. The Board is responsible for constructing policies, strategies and plans for Business, Marketing, Public Relations, Football Operations, Coaching and Development. The management of these strategies are key to identifying organizational stamina, financial stability and operational sustainability. The CRLA and would like to stress that as a whole we aim to represent Rugby League in Canada both in terms of geographic representation and the diversity of its elected board members.


The current members of the board are as follows:

President – Bob Jowett
Email: [email protected]






Vice President – Joshua Knight
Email:  [email protected]







Director of Rugby League – Thomas Hughes
Email: [email protected]






Director of Communication – Vacant







Secretary – Danny Tupou Kalouduno
Email: [email protected]







Treasurer – Lawrence Ross
Email: [email protected]